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Mickey and the Magician

ByTim Potter

Oct 12, 2019

    Animagique Theater Toon Studio - Walt Disney Studios Park

    Suspended until further notice
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      Show Times

      Seasonal from 1st February until 6th September 2020.

      Show Times
      Weekdays: 10:45 / 11:50 / 12:55 / 15:10 / 16:15
      Weekends: 11:50 / 12:55 / 14:00 / 16:15 / 17:20

      What Disney Says?

      In front of your very eyes, incredible illusions are brought to life by spellbinding special effects, as Genie, Rafiki, Elsa, Lumière and the Fairy Godmother show Mickey that real magic has no limits – especially if you have belief, imagination and a heart full of love. With singing and dancing from Aladdin, The Lion King, Frozen and more, this is your chance to live the Disney dream like never before.

      Tim’s Thoughts

      I am in no doubt Mickey and the Magician is the best show in any Disney park. This is as close to a West End or Broadway standard of production. You will enjoy live performances of element of your favorite Disney classic movies, nicely put together with on a great set with surprising special effects.

      ‘Mickey and the Magician’ is an absolute must when visiting Disneyland Paris.

      Tim Potter

      I have been a huge Disney Parks fan since my first Walt Disney World trip at the age of 11. I now follow activities and news on all the parks across the world. I actually didn't visit Disneyland Paris until 2017, thinking it was the poor relation to the other Parks, how wrong could I be! Disneyland Paris a beautiful park and is somewhere everyone should experience.