• Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Making Restaurant Reservations on the Dutch version of the Disneyland Website

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The restaurant reservations function on the UK version of the Disneyland Paris website is very unreliable and usually unavailable. Interestingly the same can be said for the French version of the site. However, the Dutch (and German) versions of the site do have the restaurant booking feature and have done so for a number of years.

Set your language to Dutch

Firstly you will need to ensure you have set your language to Dutch on the Disneyland Paris website. This can be done by visiting https://www.disneylandparis.com/nl-nl/?country=nl or change the language using the flag in the corner of the site.

Find the restaurant you want to book

You can browse the restaurants either on the Disneyland Paris site (but this will now be in Dutch) or on the DLPBlog restaurant listing. We have links for all the restaurant which accept online reservations.

Restaurants with online booking available will have a ‘book a table’ button. You will need to right-click on the button and select “open in new tab”.

Choose a date

You can normally book for around 2 month ahead. Dates in blue indicate the restaurant is open.

  • Monday = maandag
  • Tuesday = dinsdag
  • Wednesday = woensdag
  • Thursday = donderdag
  • Friday = vrijdag
  • Saturday = zaterdag
  • Sunday = zondag
  • January = januari
  • February = februari
  • March = maart
  • April = april
  • May = mei
  • June = juni
  • July = juli
  • August = augustus
  • September = september
  • October = oktober
  • November = november
  • December = december

Select the number of guests

When you select a date you will be asked how may guests for the table.

Volwassene(n) = Adults (aged 12+), Kind(eren) = Children (0 – 11 years).

Once selected click on the green ‘Tijd zoeken’ (search times) button.

Choose a time for your reservation

Enter your details

  • Aanspreekvorm = Title (Dhr = Mr, Mevr = Mrs, Mej = Ms).
  • Voornaam = First Name.
  • Achternaam = Last Name
  • Geboortedatum = Date of Birth

  • E-mailadres = Email Address
  • Telefoon – Telephone number
  • Taal/Regio – Language / Region (choose United Kingdom). Be aware confirmation will be in Dutch as you are using the Dutch site.

Speciale wensen (optioneel) – Special Requests (optional). I would recommend leaving this section blank.

Finally, tick the box to confirm the terms and conditions and the google capture (to prove you are not a robot) and click on the green Versenden (submit) button.

To return to the UK (English) version of the Disneyland Paris website visit: https://www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/?country=gb or use the flag in the top right.