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Restaurant des Stars to Close Permanently from 6th January 2020

ByTim Potter

Nov 23, 2019

For those of you who enjoy Restaurant des Stars in Walt Disney Studios you have until 5th January left to enjoy it. This restaurant will be closed from 6th onwards as the next phase begins on Marvel ‘Avengers Campus’ area of the studios.

The restaurant is expected to be re-imagineered into an Ant Man themed restaurant reopening with the new marvel land in 2021. This closure was expected although Disneyland Paris have yet to confirm the exact date. On checking the online booking calendars all restaurants are bookable through January but Restaurant des Stars is only bookable until 5th January.

The restaurant was also omitted on the 2020 version of the park map. With Blockbuster Cafe closing earlier this year as part of the same project this will leave the Studios Park with just two restaurants, the quick service Restaurant en Coulisse and table service Bistrot Chez Rémy.

Tim Potter

I have been a huge Disney Parks fan since my first Walt Disney World trip at the age of 11. I now follow activities and news on all the parks across the world. I actually didn't visit Disneyland Paris until 2017, thinking it was the poor relation to the other Parks, how wrong could I be! Disneyland Paris a beautiful park and is somewhere everyone should experience.

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