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Meet Captain Marvel

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Meet Captain America

Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance-Off

Do you have the power moves to help the Guardians escape the clutches of an evil enemy? Team up with Star-Lord and Gamora and strut your stuff to some classic…

Stark Expo: Make Way for a Better Tomorrow

Swoop into the middle of the mayhem with this electrifying extravaganza buzzing with live Marvel Super Heroes. Gaze in awe as The Avengers, including Thor and Black Widow, fight a…

Marvel: Super Heroes Unite

Immerse in the origins of greatness with this epic show super-charged with live Super Heroes and ground-smashing, heroic special effects. Feel your Spider-Sense tingle as Marvel legends Iron Man and…

Stitch Live

Mickey and the Magician

In front of your very eyes, incredible illusions are brought to life by spellbinding special effects, as Genie, Rafiki, Elsa, Lumière and the Fairy Godmother show Mickey that real magic…

Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular

Sit tight and gasp at some famous four-wheeled friends burning rubber around a Mediterranean fishing town. There’s plenty of skidding, swerving, jumping and even flying through fire, as a hero stuntman…

Frozen : A Musical Invitation

Seek shelter from the snow, take your seat in the cosy barns next to the Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna, and prepare to sing Reindeers Are Better Than People with…