• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

[TBC] 2 x One Day / One Park Ticket Combination – Adult £120, Child £110 (total cost)

These ticket are not currently on sale but based on previous years will be on sale for 2020/21 shortly.

Sometimes it is better value to purchase individual one day tickets rather than a two, three or four day pass! Especially if you are planning to visit only one park per day.

In this instance purchasing two One Day / One Park tickets (one ticket for each day of your visit) is £21.50 per adult (20.50 per child) cheaper than the two day pass (£141.50/ £130.50).

For this combination you will need to purchase 1 x MINI ticket for the off peak day (normally Mon-Fri), and 1 x SUPER MAGIC ticket for the peak day (normally weekends and public holidays).

Please be aware , unlike the two day pass, you can only visit one park per day with this ticket option.


One Day / One Park MINI Ticket Details

One day ticket to enter Disneyland Park OR Walt Disney Studios Park.

You can only enter one park with this ticket, you are not able to ‘park hop’ between parks with this ticket. If you want to visit both parks on the same day you will need to book a ‘Two Park” ticket.

This ticket only covers off peak dates, it’s the cheapest ticket but least flexible.

E-Ticket, go straight to the gate, scan on your mobile or print the ticket at home.

Important: Disneyland® Paris tickets cannot be amended or cancelled. Please ensure all information you provide is correct.